Friday, June 27, 2008

So many unexceptional first dates...

Part 3 of my summer series on crazy dudes I have dated!

I tried to come up with a list of all the first dates I have been on, so that I can blog about them. But it's so hard to remember! It's strange...these dates (for the most part) happened in the past 4 years, and pretty much every one was a big deal to me at the time. Would I like him? Would he like me? Will he want to go on a second date...oh man I hope he doesn't want a second date! Should I call him, or should I wait for him to contact me...I don't want to have to sit around like some wallflower, but I don't want to show how overeager I am.

Dating kinda sucks, aye?

So here's a post dedicated to those first dates I can barely remember. I'm probably even leaving some people out. Maybe the details I CAN remember say something about me? That's probably reading too far into things...

*The physics phd student dude who I went to dinner with at a place that had bubble tea. I specifically tried not to date other phd students, cause I don't want to have to deal with 'two body problems' when I want to get a job (getting an academic job is hard enough, let alone two academic jobs in the same area). Don't remember why I went out with this one, or really anything about the date, except that there was a giant blizzard while I was walking there, and when I got to the date my hair was all messed up and crazy from the snow.

*The guy I went out for drinks with, who kept talking about cars and working out at the gym. Just a hint dudes: don't talk about cars and/or the gym on a date.

*The Russian dude who I met up with on valentines day one year. We walked around to a bunch of art galleries and had italian food. I was unclear whether it was a date or not until he tried to kiss me, and paid for dinner. That was still when I lived in NYC

*The dude who was a rower (which I thought was pretty cool) and who ended our date abruptly (like mid-sentance) when I mentioned that I smoked...err...'stuff'.. sometimes.

*The dude who had huge arm muscles...We went out 3 times for lunch, and I was never sure whether it was a date thing or a friendly thing. He's still at my school in an urban design program I think. His giant arm muscles were kind of scary to me. (like seriously, giant)

*The dude who wouldn't tell me where he worked, but who did let on that his job was programming missiles for the government. It wasn't too hard to figure out that he worked at Boeing, as even though he was trying to be all mysterious about it, he showed up the date wearing a Boeing hoodie. I decided I couldn't go on a second date with him cause his job actively contributed towards killing people.

*The dude who wanted to come back to my place to watch a movie, when I would have preferred the date be over after we had a drink. I couldn't think of a way to tell him to NOT come to my house, so we watched a zombie movie, during which my roommate came home, and later made fun of me for how far I was sitting from this dude on the couch.

*The much older dude with a kid who took me on a 'real' date which involved some crazy dinner at "my most favorite dessert" (a place way out of my college student budget) and bowling at chelsea piers. I was 21 and he was 29, and during the date I realized just how much older he was than me, when he talked about tv shows from the 80s I had never heard of. Also during the date I found out he was divorced, had a daughter, and was working as a 'freelance advertiser' which I think is code for 'unemployed advertiser.' He insisted on paying for everything, and I think he spent like $200 on the date, which made me feel super bad when I turned him down for a second date. But seriously, at 21, I was not ready to deal with older dudes with kids. This was my second real date (after obese opera singer guy).

I randomly ran into that guy like 3 years later when we were at a party together. But neither of us acknowledged to each other that we knew each other from before. Weird.

*The dude who was really into radiohead (like me!)...we had a great date, went to a few bars, he ended up coming to my place cause he "needed to sober up a bit before driving home" and we made out until 4am. A few days later I got an awkward email about how he liked me but he realized he wasn't over his ex or something (ha! the awkward email!)

*Cowboy guy! the dude who was in NYC for a film festival who had the same name as a famous actor who plays cowboys. We walked along the east river and it was all romantic, and we hooked up...of course I knew he was going off into the night since he lived in pittsburgh and was only in NYC for like 2 more days, but this was my last month of college, and I somehow got the idea into my head that I couldn't graduate college without ever having a one night stand. Ahh, the follies of youth. The only part I regret is that 3 years later he IMed me and asked if I wanted to meet up with him in (current city) in what was clearly a booty call. I met up with him for a drink, but left alone.

*The no-tv dude who kept going on about how he was so cool cause he didn't have a tv and just read books all night. Like in a seriously pretentious way. Later it turned out he DID have a tv, but didn't have a cable hook up. So he was a lying pretentious no tv dude! We went out for gelato, and walked around a park for a bit. We actually became friends afterwards, and hung out several times, until he met some new girl and suddenly disappeared from the internets. I'm pretty sure he blocked my AIM screenname. Either that or he hasn't been online in over 2 years. Ok, and I did hook up with him that night of the first date, so the way I think this screenname blocking thing went down is that he told his gf about that, she got all jealous, and he blocked it cause of her. I especially suspect this, because he disappeared from the internet soon after I ran into the two of them in the street randomly, and she was all shadey when she found out who I was.

*the dude I went on like 3 dates with, but on the third date he told me he couldn't go out with me anymore cause he was dirt poor and had no money for dates, and also that he needed to focus on not failing out of college, cause he was close to doing that apparently. Last I heard he moved to California to become a salesman.

I do have some more first date stories, but i'm saving those for later as they are slightly more memorable than these.


  1. Quite a list! I suddenly remembered why I married the first man who proposed to me. Marriage did at least end the dating situation.
    Don't know what I'm going to do now - join a convent or something...

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  3. lol, crazy. you have some very amusing stories here... but i'm sort of glad i can't compete ;-)

  4. Ah dating and mating. How I (don't) miss thee.


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